We’re Moving To CopywritingDean.com

I’m changing my domain name for this blog. You can find new posts here: http://www.copywritingdean.com

I decided Stephensblog.com wasn’t the best domain for my business. My name (Stephen) is kind of hard to spell. Many people spell it wrong. And it’s spelled differently than it sounds.

Ideally I’d move to StephenDean.com, but that domain is not available and likely not for sale. Apparently there’s a French artist with the same name as me who got it first. (I have emailed about it, but never got a response.)

So what to do…

CopywritingDean.com makes a lot of sense to me.

* It does have my last name in it “Dean.”
* It contains the keyword I’m targeting most.
* It kind of has a double meaning. Copywriting Dean, or Dean of Copywriting. You know?!
* And it better explains my site.

This site currently gets a lot of search engine traffic, and I don’t want to leave it all behind. So I’m going to keep it up for a while and see what I can do with the traffic.

Hopefully I’ll be able to build up links to http://www.copywritingdean.com quickly. If you already have me in your blogroll, I’d really appreciate it if you changed the URL to copywritingdean.com.

If you don’t have me in your blogroll, I’d really appreciate it if you added me 🙂

Again, thanks for reading everyone.

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