The Secret To Selling Anything On The Internet

If you’re trying to sell anything online, copywriting is important. Have you ever paid to send visitors to a webpage hoping to collect a truckload of sales…

…only to be disappointed when you didn’t even get one.

That happens a lot to many Internet Business owners. And poor copywriting is often the bad guy. You gotta fix that and get a good sales letter on your site…

Here’s how I recommend getting a sales letter.

Option #1: Hire me. That’s what I do. I write sales letters. I’m not cheap, but I’m more affordable than many copywriters. I start at $3,000 per letter, but that doesn’t scare off my clients. They know it’s a great deal, and I’ll make them money.

You can fill out an application here…

But maybe you’re not ready for that.

Option #2: Hire me to write a mini-letter. I also have a $500 option I offer to people who aren’t ready to pay 4 figures. But I try to downsell it first. These are not near the quality of the real thing above. Don’t expect a good conversion rate.

The 2 Hour Sales Letter is a good example of a mini-letter. I wrote it in a little over 2 hours and did little strategic planning or editing. That’s how I write mini-letters.

Sometimes they sell great, sometimes they don’t.

Why do people choose this option? Because my mini-letters are usually far better than what a lay person can write for themselves. AND you can use my tips from option #3 to help increase the conversion.

You can fill out an application here…

Option #3: Write your own sales copy. The best way to get started is to watch the 2 Hour Sales Letter first to see how a sales letter is written from beginning to end. Then get the “7 Deadly Sins That Kill Amateur Sales Letters” to take the “amateur” out of your copy.

After that, my Copy Boosters will give you tips and tricks to slowly but surely raise your conversion rate.

In the end, you can create a pretty good sales letter without paying me $3,000.00. (I can only take on so many projects anyway.)

That’s it. Now, will you take action to get sales copy that converts on your website?

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