The Mathematics Of Testing Your Sales Copy

Do you Split Test or use multivariate testing on your sales copy? Most people don’t, but that’s a terrible thing. Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Let’s say you’re using google adwords to get traffic to a squeeze page. The squeeze page asks for the visitor’s email address before taking them to the sales letter. Ok, the numbers… We’re going to try to keep the numbers simple so that the math is more clear.

Let’s say your Adwords ads are getting 1 click for every 100 impressions, and that’s leading to 1000 visitors per day.

Your squeeze page is capturing the email of 20% of those 1000 visitors (200) and taking them to the sales page.

The sales copy is converting 2% of those 200 visitors in to buyers. That makes 4 buyers total. And let’s say you make $100 from each sale, so $400.

How much more cash do you think you could make after simple split testing or multivariate testing? Let’s take a look.

It’s quite conceivable that with some testing, you could double each of the numbers above. 2 out of every 100 impressions is not high for an Adwords ad. 40% is very reasonable for a squeeze page. And 4% is certainly achievable for a sales page. The key is to test and continually improve your ad.

Here’s how the modest test results would effect your income.

Instead of 1000 visitors from Adwords, you’d receive 2000 visitors.

Of those 2000 visitors, 40% (or 800) would submit their email address on the squeeze page and make it to the sales letter.

Of those 800, 4% would buy. That makes for 32 sales, or $3,200 in profit.

So just by doing a little testing, you were able to take your business from $400 per day to $3,200 per day.

If you have a product and a sales page now, is there any activity you could perform today that could match the profit increase of adding testing to your sales process?

I recommend two products for testing your sales copy. My Split Test software at and James Brausch’s multivariate testing software at

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