Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain Volume 2

My readers know that I’m in Michel Fortin’s coaching program. Each day I get to ask Michel a question about copywriting.

And if you know who Michel is, you know how valuable his answers are. (Michel is the legendary copywriter who wrote the first sales letter to pull in more than 1 million dollars in 24 hours.)

The great news is, I get to compile his answers to me and share them with you. I’ve done it once before to rave reviews (I can’t take the credit, obviously). And now I’m doing it again. Here’s a link to check it out.


A fellow copywriter, John Ritz, had this to say about Volume 1 of Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain:

“What can I say? Stephen has completely over-delivered. I’m also in Michel Fortin’s coaching program, and everything that comes out of that man’s head is pure gold. When I saw Stephen’s offer, I knew I had to grab it. I was not disappointed.” ~ John Ritz

Update: By James Brausch’s request we now have a Paypal button.

Update: The broken link on the thank you page is now fixed! If you need to get back to the thank you page because you’ve left, leave a comment. Thanks!

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