Positive Thinking Is Worth Less…

I never thought I’d be making this post. I credit my attitude with much of my success.

When people told me I had to go to college to make sure I got a good job, I laughed. When people told me I’d never make money working online, I pressed on.

Now I’ve worked 4 years full time and they all want to work for me. How things change!

But did positive thinking get me where I’m at? Heck no!

As far as getting things done, positive thinking is worth less…

People who spend all their time talking about “thinking positive” are bound to be poor and unsuccessful. Why?

Because they’re spending all their time thinking instead of acting. (Maybe “thinking” should really be “wishing.”)

Positive Acting gets you a lot farther than positive thinking.

No amount of positive thinking is going to make your chain letter scheme work.

No amount of positive thinking is going to magically make a proven plan execute by itself.

No amount of positive thinking is going to turn a bad opportunity in to a good one.

Consider the Internet Marketing community. Can you tell the difference between the “positive thinking” losers and the “positive acting” winners?

The losers buy all the products and are always in the same spot from one month to the next until they give up. The winners pick a proven plan and implement it. And they’re the ones making all the money!

Bottomline, positive thinking is WORTH LESS than people think. If you’re stuck in “positive thinking” mode, realize you have a problem and make a move towards “positive acting.”

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