Muvar Vs. Taguchi

A client from my testing service recently asked me why I had taken the P.S. out of his sales letter.

If you’ve read many sales letters you know the P.S. is a popular technique, so it is understandable that he would ask.

The thing is, I didn’t take out the P.S. Muvar did.

Muvar is a multivariate testing software that not only pits several different variables against each other up and down the sales page… it also makes brilliant decisions as to how often to show each variable. This results in a rapid, statistical increase in conversion.

With my client’s sales letter, Muvar found his original P.S. to be hurting sales and decided to stop showing it as often. Because of Muvar’s decisions like this, combined with my copywriting input, this client’s conversion rate has increased 39% in his first month with my service.

(If you’d like to join my multivariate testing service to work on getting the same results for your sales pages, leave a comment and I’ll shoot you an email.)

Sometimes when people think about multivariate testing, they think Taguchi. That’s not exactly accurate. Muvar is a multivariate testing software and does not use the Taguchi method.

Instead, James Brausch wrote his own algorithm designed to outperform Taguchi. Each time a sale is made, Muvar weights each of the variables that were displayed appropriately. Meaning those variables are now more likely to appear when a visitor hits the page.

That “weight” is something that James and his team has tested extensively. They’re constantly looking to improve the algorithm and get the fastest improvements possible… by testing the algorithm just like you would a sales page.

For that reason, I highly recommend using Muvar. I also highly recommend hiring me to run your multivariate testing for you.

A while back James sent me 10 copies of Muvar 2008 and Testivar 2008 and encouraged people to hire me to run their tests. Right now I currently have 3 spots open for the service.

You can contact me with questions about the service by leaving a comment.

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