How To Make Me Fall In Love With You (Platonically)

Ok, let’s say I’m the copywriter (which I am), and you’re the client (which you could be). How could you get me to fall in love with your project?

Here’s a hint. It will make my job much easier. And if you’re writing your own copy, including it will make your letter more successful.

The answer: providing me proof that your product/service works.

In order to convince the reader your product is fantastic, I’ve got to show them that what you’re selling actually works.

That’s why people who sell “make money” products include screenshots of Paypal accounts and scanned checks.

That’s why people who sell “weight loss” products show before and after photos.

That’s why eHarmony commercials show happy couples together, who usually got married after using the service.

Many people who write their own copy will make claims about their product… but will stop short of proving those claims. Don’t do it!

You may know your product works, but you have to pass that knowledge on.

So here’s your homework. Go through your copy and find every claim you make. Then consider it a challenge to immediately show proof for that claim.

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