How Good Of Copywriter Am I?

Clients are often nervous before hiring a copywriter for the first time. We’re not cheap. I told you before that the lowest I write a sales letter for is $3,000.00. (Except for mini-letters.)

Sometimes I quote as high as $6,000.00. And that’s before any add ons, like autoresponders or promotional emails. Typically, I write for about $4,000.

The ways I reassure clients is by showing them my portfolio first so they can see I know what I’m doing. I also tell the names of recognizable marketers who hire me regularly (Jim Edwards and Ryan Deiss). And that I offer 3 revisions within 90 days if the copy is falling flat. (All copywriters produce duds from time to time.)

Recently I’ve also been able to share that my copy coach is Michel Fortin (a legendary copywriter online).

Some wondered why I had a copy coach when I was supposed to be a good copywriter already. First of all, I can name a couple of other copywriters who I’ll admit have better skills than me… and still have a copy coach. It’s a never-ending learning process.

But also, my biggest weakness as a copywriter is experience. I’ve got a little more than 3 years vs. Michel’s… maybe close to 2 decades? What I might discover about different markets from trial and error, I can now just ask Michel. That raises my game by a lot.

And makes me a steal of a copywriter starting at $3k.

Want proof? Michel and his crew write for $800 a page. A typical sales letter might run around $8,000.00 at that point. Maybe much more. My typical sales letter is around $4,000.

I just sent over a rough draft of some sales copy that wasn’t quite finished (still needed some content from the client), but the essentials were there. Here’s what Michel said about the copy when I sent it to him for a quick review:

This is very good copy.

I don’t have anything to add — at least until the copy is done. But I like what you have now. I like it a lot.

Michel Fortin
The Success Doctor, Inc.

And believe me, he wouldn’t say that if it weren’t. He’s advised me to scrap copy and rewrite it before.

Now, are you thinking of hiring me before my rates shoot up?

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