Forget The Recession!


I’m assuming you just read the title of this post. I wrote it, but I didn’t mean it.

I’ve heard comments like “forget the recession” or “ignore the recession” lately. And I think I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t relate. I feel like I’m coming from a completely different position.

Am I just being a contrarian again? I guess, but I didn’t mean to.

People who suggest ignoring the recession seem to be giving advice to people who are climbing in to a hole and letting the bad economic climate beat them.

I don’t relate to either character. I’m not ignoring the recession, and I’m not ready to take a beating from it either.

The recession doesn’t scare me at all. I think I’ll make more money this year than last year. I have big plans…

…but I’m paying attention to the problems with the economy. I think it’s important.

I’m not going to give investment advice, but if you didn’t pay attention to the economy how would you know how to invest? to protect your assets? to protect your wealth? to prepare?

These are all important things to do in the face of a huge economic downturn.

But if you read those statements again… they’re NOT an excuse for getting beat up by the recession.

A recession should cleanse the market of bad businesses, bad investments, bad bets and bad debts (if the government would let it happen).

But I happen to believe I run a GOOD business that’s going to thrive while others barely survive, or maybe even die. It’s nothing to be worried about. In fact, it’s encouraging me to get MOVING and finally set my plans in to place.

With that in mind, I think the best advice is not to use a bad economy as an EXCUSE to fail… an EXCUSE to get beat up.

But you should pay attention to the economic climate. It’ll help you prepare… it’ll help you invest wisely… and if you’re really on top of it’ll help you vote wisely too.

Ron Paul, 2012.

“Today, this country is in the middle of a recession for a lot of people. Michigan knows about it. Poor people know about it. The middle class knows about it. Wall Street doesn’t know about it. Washington, D.C., doesn’t know about it.” ~ Ron Paul, October 2007

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