I’m 25 and am trying not to “settle down.” Most people I know think the only rational thing to do is get married, buy a house and live there the rest of your life.

These are also the people who told me I’d never find a good job unless I went to college. (And they were right! Thank goodness.)

I certainly don’t see a problem with getting married or buying a house… but buying only one house in one location and staying there forever doesn’t appeal to me. That’s some peoples dream, but not mine.

Right now it’s easy to move a lot, because at 25 I haven’t taken on many responsibilities. In August I’ll be moving for the 4th time in about 2 years.

This makes it difficult to keep a regular mailing address. That’s why I was happy to see James Brausch recommend a solution:

EarthClassMail assigned me a street address in Seattle to use as my mailing address. Now I’m switching all my mail over to this address, and when it arrives, I get an email alerting me.

I click a link and am taken to their website where I see a scanned image of the mail. This way I can see what it is and who it’s from. From there I can ask them to shred it… or open it, scan the contents so I can see it, and then shred it. Or ship it to the address that I’m currently staying at.

That’s fantastic! What a great solution. This is one service I’ll be using for quite some time to further increase my freedom.

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