Does anyone really follow 2000 people on twitter?

Twitter recently put a limit on the number of people you can follow: 2000. (People who already followed more than 2000 people still get to.)

Now… who on earth can follow 2000 people? Probably no one.

But when you’re trying to be social, it’s nice to follow people back after they follow you… even if it’s only for cosmetic purposes.

I doubt anyone actually pays attention to 2000 people twittering. Tools like allow you to officially be following 2000 people on twitter, but only selectively follow the tweets or tweeters inside the Tweetdeck software portal.

That’s what I do and it works great. I have a Rockstar group where I follow some big names… and a friends group where I follow friends/family/non-business peeps. (This group may be the real rock stars!)

If you’re using twitter, get Tweetdeck. It makes it easy to be polite and follow back… even if your twitter page is getting out of control with tweets.

Of course, the 2000 follow limit makes it a lot harder to be polite for very long. My hope is that it will go away.

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