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The Formula For Failure

One thing I make an effort to do is to collect failure secrets. Because if you know how to fail you know how not to fail. Justin Brooke just wrote a great blog post called “The Formula For Failure.” It shares several failure secrets. Check it out!

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Robert Plank Shares How To Make $5,000 Writing Articles

One of my favorite bloggers and Internet Marketing types is Robert Plank. This guy is a productivity machine. He’s constantly writing articles, making videos, creating products and more… all while holding a full time day job. Ya, even though his online income vastly surpasses the income from his job… he still works there full time. […]

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Please Leave A Comment If You Have A Blog…

I’m wondering how many of my readers have a blog. If you’re reading this and you do have a blog, will you leave a comment? If you don’t have a blog, consider starting one. Blogs are a great way to start a business or generate traffic. A great way to establish yourself as an authority […]

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How To Double Your Productive Hours

I just watched this video by Perry Belcher. I was surprised to find we have a similar technique (and reasoning) for keeping organized and focused. Watch the video if you’d like… I don’t use post-it notes. But I do jot down thoughts as they come to me for the purpose of clearing them from my […]

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Forget The Recession!

Hmmm… I’m assuming you just read the title of this post. I wrote it, but I didn’t mean it. I’ve heard comments like “forget the recession” or “ignore the recession” lately. And I think I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t relate. I feel like I’m coming from a completely different position. Am […]

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Free Software That Runs My Business

Last Spring my PC started to die on me. This led to a whole new philosophy for how I organize files and software on my PC. I realized my laptop could suddenly stop working, so all files needed to be accessible via the web. Especially copy projects that I was working on. I didn’t want […]

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A Comment On Teen Internet Marketer

When did you start your business? There’s a guy at who’s working to get his business profitable at 16. That’s about the same age I got started. (10 years later…) I saw he made a blog post about GTD, or “Getting Things Done.” I decided to share some tips with him that took me […]

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The Power Of Deadlines…

My sister stayed with me last week to work on copywriting 1v1. I watched her as she wrote copy and noticed that she was doing several things to make things harder for her. She was… using the backspace key WAY too much, constantly deleting her progress because in her words, “It wasn’t good.” staring at the screen wondering […]

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Going Mobile

I’m making some more switches to my business to make it more mobile. Coinciding with the death of my laptop, I’ve decided to make an extra effort to make all of my business files accessible from the web. And preferably in more than one place. This way if my laptop suddenly shuts down on me, is […]

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Slaying Distractions In Real Time

While I’m working on a project, especially in the beginning when I haven’t gotten in the flow, I come up with a lot of distracting thoughts. “Do a google search for…” “Check your bank account for…” “Yesterday you forgot to…” “I need to buy…” Sometimes trying to ignore these thoughts are just as distracting as […]

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