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B.S. Excuses For Not Using Scarcity In Your Copy

Whenever I get a new client I send out a questionnaire to find out more about the product, the offer and the market. And one of the questions asks how the client wants to limit the offer… Scarcity of time, quantity or the offer. You should see the excuses I sometimes see for not limiting the offer. […]

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Should You Use A P.S. In Your Sales Letter?

Aspiring copywriters, you’re getting it wrong! The P.S. is a widely known tactic when writing a sales letter. I’ve done countless copy critiques for product owners who write their own copy… and they almost always have a P.S. What that usually means is that they’ve seen others doing it and assume it works. Is that […]

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I’m 25 and am trying not to “settle down.” Most people I know think the only rational thing to do is get married, buy a house and live there the rest of your life. These are also the people who told me I’d never find a good job unless I went to college. (And they […]


Rebecca Dean Goes Nuts In Japan… I Hear It All Go Down!

Many of you know that I’m training my sister, Rebecca at to write copy. Her training is coming along nicely and she has also become a big fan of my copy consultant, Michel Fortin. She reads his blog regularly and will often argue about my criticism’s of her work using lines she takes from […]

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Using For Market Research

I just noticed an interesting post at Terry Dean’s blog. He shares a Jay Abraham video that discusses doing market research on I do this too. Essentially every book title can be viewed as a headline. Most non-fiction books also have subheads. In fact, many non-fiction books also have bullet copy you can look […]

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Thanks for requesting updates for my blog! But you’re not done. A confirmation email is being sent to your inbox right now. When you confirm, not only will you stay updated, I’ll give you my Split Test software free! I post often so you should be hearing from me soon. You’ll find copywriting tips, money […]

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