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How To Write A Great, Risk Reducing Guarantee

Here’s 3 great links for discovering how to write a risk reducing guarantee… Give Your Guarantees Teeth And Eat Filet Mignon More Often An Irresistible Guarantee: Overcoming Your Prospect’s Final Reservations Risk-Reversal’s Role Reversal

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Check Out

I recently gave an interview to Keith Goodrum where I mentioned the value of price testing. Jim Sansi just put together some videos to show you how to perform price tests with Muvar. Go here and check it out… Magical Methods That Increase Sales by Jim Sansi of Also see… 9 Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs to Smack Down Stupid, Time-Wasting Tasks… by Yanik […]

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Tapping Michel Fortin’s Brain Volume 2

My readers know that I’m in Michel Fortin’s coaching program. Each day I get to ask Michel a question about copywriting. And if you know who Michel is, you know how valuable his answers are. (Michel is the legendary copywriter who wrote the first sales letter to pull in more than 1 million dollars in […]

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