B.S. Excuses For Not Using Scarcity In Your Copy

Whenever I get a new client I send out a questionnaire to find out more about the product, the offer and the market. And one of the questions asks how the client wants to limit the offer… Scarcity of time, quantity or the offer.

You should see the excuses I sometimes see for not limiting the offer. My favorite, or should I say least favorite, is…

“I’m not limiting the offer because it’s a digital product and I can sell an unlimited amount. Plus I want to sell as many as possible.”

B.S.! You’re not going to sell as many as possible if you don’t give the reader a reason to act immediately. The reader WILL procrastinate, which often means they won’t buy at all. In fact, Michel Fortin says procrastination is the biggest killer of sales.

So you MUST add Scarcity. Even if you have to manufacture it.

That DOESN’T mean using the stupid date script to warn of a price increase “tomorrow.” But it could mean working a deal with a JV partner to give the next 25 customers a free copy of his digital product. Now suddenly you’ve added value AND given the reader a reason to ACT NOW.

My next product will share more ways to add Scarcity to your letter. In the mean time, can you come up with more ways to add Scarcity to your copy? Leave a comment…

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