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General Q&A Time

Some of my favorite posts in the past have been Q&A sessions. And it’s been a long, long time since we’ve done that. Let’s do it. Leave a comment with your question(s). 2 at the most please. They can be on any topic, but my specialty is copywriting and if I don’t know the answer […]

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And The Winner Is…

Zazzu. The random number generator chose the number 6, which happened to be Zazzu. Congrats! Will you leave a comment to this post with your mailing address and I’ll get it shipped out to you next week? (I won’t approve the comment so no one will see it but me.)

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Please Leave A Comment If You Have A Blog…

I’m wondering how many of my readers have a blog. If you’re reading this and you do have a blog, will you leave a comment? If you don’t have a blog, consider starting one. Blogs are a great way to start a business or generate traffic. A great way to establish yourself as an authority […]

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Free Gift When You Leave A Comment…

So recently I noticed that I purchased the same book twice. WHOOPS! The book was Dan Kennedy’s “The Ultimate Marketing Plan” and it’s an older edition. I’d like to send it to someone who wants it. If you’d like to be considered for the free gift, leave a comment to this post. I’ll use a […]

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Dear Barack Obama, From I Don’t Give A Damn…

Dear Barack, I got up earlier than usual yesterday to meet at a friends house to watch your inauguration. The party looked great. Your family was beautiful. I’m convinced it was Roberts’ fault for messing up the oath, but that’s quickly forgotten. It was a pretty big day for you, and an even bigger day […]

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How To Double Your Productive Hours

I just watched this video by Perry Belcher. I was surprised to find we have a similar technique (and reasoning) for keeping organized and focused. Watch the video if you’d like… I don’t use post-it notes. But I do jot down thoughts as they come to me for the purpose of clearing them from my […]

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Top 10 Email Subject Lines by Ken Mcarthur

I found this link this morning. Ken Mcarthur lists his best email subject lines (based on open rates) from 2008. It’s good to see people posting real data! He also writes quite a bit about how to evaluate statistics. All in all, a great post. Go check it out!

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John Carlton Ticking People Off…

More Marketing Tips videos at

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Forget The Recession!

Hmmm… I’m assuming you just read the title of this post. I wrote it, but I didn’t mean it. I’ve heard comments like “forget the recession” or “ignore the recession” lately. And I think I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t relate. I feel like I’m coming from a completely different position. Am […]

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Prediction On Copywriters During The Financial Mess

I just noticed an interview I did for Edgar Boutaric in April of 2008. There were some signs of the financial crisis playing out at the time, although nothing like we saw in October/November. The last question Edgar asked me was what I thought the effect the bad economy would have on Internet Marketing and […]

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