WOAH! What The Freck Did They Say?

Yesterday’s post on banning refunders got several positive responses. It also got some serious criticism. Mostly from an Internet marketing forum (where it’s to be expected).

Some of these people were outright angry with me. Let’s see what they had to say.

Looks like you’re another Brausch disciple with this attitude towards customers: “Just give me the money; don’t bother me. It wasn’t what you expected? Screw you. You say the documentation is a rambling video instead of a well-thought out video and/or text combination? You’re an idiot. Etc.” ~ David Bean

If it wasn’t what you expected, screw you? Far from it! If it’s not what you expected you get your money back. You also won’t be able to purchase from me in the future. If you don’t think my products are quality, why would you want to buy from me in the future?

The fact is I’m getting rid of the tire kickers.

“I would never buy from someone with such a draconian policy. Hire help if customer service is such a burden.”

Good. You’re who I’m trying to weed out. I could hire customer service, but I’d prefer to fire bad customers, reward the good ones, and hire people to build my business (and not hire people to take care of tire kickers).

I’m never disappointed when it comes to the logic displayed by some marketers these days, lol.

“Buy my product, and if you think it sucks, or is unoriginal, or any other reason,even reasons that might actually be my fault, I will happily give you a refund, no questions asked. Of course, I will kill you afterwards, but I will never question your refund request. You can even keep the product afterward.”

I’m not taking any aggressive action towards refunders. I’m simply stopping to do business with them. It seems fair to me to let someone check out the quality of my products and request a refund if they’re not impressed.

But if they think the product “sucks” or is “unoriginal,” why would they ever want to buy from me again? Why would they care if I banned them?

There is no way you can just ban customers that request a refund, or you will lose them as potential customers in the long term.

That’s precisely what I’m trying to do! I’m afraid of their long term business!

From the people who were most offended, it makes me think of a recent interesting post on James Brausch’s blog: Being Offended.

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