Thomas Sowell: Economic Facts And Fallacies

I mentioned my favorite economist, Thomas Sowell, in my last blog post. I actually wrote that blog post on Sunday, so it was a surprise to see an email from this morning (Wednesday) with “Thomas Sowell” in the subject.

Turns out his new book, “Economic Facts And Fallacies” is now available on Amazon. It’s fantastic. How do I know?

Somehow I was able to get an advanced copy months ago. Dr. Sowell was nice enough to send me a spiral bound draft from the publisher… something I couldn’t buy if I wanted to. I was ecstatic.

If you’re interested in economics or politics at all, this is a must have book for your study. I use it much like an encyclopedia. Whenever I hear the results of a “study” or economic news that sounds skeptical to me… I just open to the appropriate chapter. Dr. Sowell is great at explaining the issue in simple terms to non-economists.

I recommend it highly if you’re interested in how the world really works.

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