Right And Wrong Ways To Collect Testimonials…

Recently I sent people on my announcement list free access to 2 of my products. I asked if in exchange they would give me feedback or a testimonial for the product.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get any feedback from people on my list. BUT, I think that’s my fault.

At around the same time, I ran a special discount for the products on a popular web forum asking again for feedback in exchange. The people who paid the small amount were much more likely to leave me feedback. What made the difference?

I think it’s because they paid for it, while my subscribers didn’t. It automatically made the product more valuable in the eyes of the paying customer, and they were probably more likely to go through the product… and take the time to leave me feedback.

So in the future, I’ll probably offer products to my announcement list at a big discount in exchange for feedback/testimonials, instead of just giving them away for free. I suggest doing the same.

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