Rebecca Dean Goes Nuts In Japan… I Hear It All Go Down!

Many of you know that I’m training my sister, Rebecca at to write copy. Her training is coming along nicely and she has also become a big fan of my copy consultant, Michel Fortin.

She reads his blog regularly and will often argue about my criticism’s of her work using lines she takes from Michel’s articles. Talk about a backfire!

Anyway, regarding the “goes nuts” part of this article… Recently I was talking to her on the phone while looking at her blog. She has a widget in the sidebar (like I do) that shows the latest members of that have visited her blog. I saw Michel’s picture in her widget so I stated…

“Oh, Michel Fortin just visited your blog.”

And then there was silence…

Ok, that’s not correct. First there was a scream, “WHAT!!!!!” Then I heard a kerplunk, which I assume was the phone dropping… and THEN I heard silence.

When my sister finally came back to talk to little ol’ me, she was elated. That’s what a widget can do for you.

They really are quite fun, add community to your blog, and have been a decent source of traffic for me. I highly recommend signing up for and then joining my reader community. It’s probably the best way to get me to check out your blog.

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