Rachel Rofe Is Driving Me Bonkers

This week I’ve spending a lot of time getting caught up on blog technology, social bookmarking and other things that have had me surfing the net a lot. One blog I’ve been reading recently is from Rachel Rofe.

Apparently she’s the resource QUEEN. I should have known from her product, Top Secret Riches, that she would be the first to know about any valuable resource. But two links to great tools she’s provided on her blog this week have blown me away. And they will be immediately implemented in my business.

The first was Robot Replay, which records the actions of individual visitors when they hit your site… and then replays them for you to watch. Do you know what that can do for anyone who writes copy?! You can see exactly where your copy is doing it’s job, and where you’re losing the reader. I’ll be implementing this on my sales letters and clients’ sales letters very soon.

Next is FoldSpy. This software lets you take a peak at how much of your webpage the majority of your visitors can see without scrolling. Essentially, it lets you identify what is “above the fold” for most visitors to your sites. This is VERY important for things like squeeze pages, where you want to get the opt in box above the fold. It can also be useful for your blogs and sales pages, but that’s a bit more complicated.

Again, I’m thrilled to have these resources. And I recommend checking out Rachel’s blog and her list of resources.

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