My Copywriting Questionnaire, Question #7

What do beginning copywriter’s forget to think about that can destroy their online sales? Where the visitor is coming from!

Question #7 from my copywriting questionnaire is…

“7) a. Where is your traffic coming from? (Please be very specific)

“b. If you’re targeting specific keywords, what are they?”

How is the client planning on getting visitors to the site. Are they going to rely on methods like Google Adwords? Or are they going to send a mailing to their list?

There’s a big difference between the mindset of these two visitor groups.

When a list owner sends an email out saying, “Come buy my product,” the visitors who click on over are already browsing to buy.

In complete contrast, someone who clicks on a Google Adwords ad may not even be close to looking for something to buy.

You need to approach these two visitors differently.

For the visitor that knows they’re about to see a sales pitch… it’s OK to mention details about the offer (like price discounts and limits on the offer) and display testimonials at the top of the copy. They can be in the headline, deck copy or intro.

But for people who were not expecting a sales pitch. Hold on!

With this group, you shouldn’t mention anything is for sale early on. You shouldn’t mention anything about ordering, price, offer limitations or testimonials. Save that for later.

Instead, just focus on getting their attention and keeping it. Get them interested in the copy and subtly sell them on your product… before they know there is a product.

Then when they’re convinced your offering is the solution, let them know the price, the discounts, the bonuses, the testimonials and so forth.

Part “B” of question 7 asks which keywords are being targeted, if any.

This will further let you know the mindset of the visitor.

If the keyword “easy magic tricks” is targeted and you write copy aimed at professional magicians… you just made a big mistake.

In closing, I hope you realize that understanding the mindset of the visitor before you write the copy is absolutely essential.

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