My Copywriting Questionnaire, Question #8

Michel Fortin once told me the 3 most important elements to test in a sales letter are the headline, price and offer.

Price points are easy to come up with. The headline takes a lot of work… but that’ll come from my research.

The offer is something you need to team up and strategize with the client on. And one thing they’re not likely to have given a thought to is how they’ll LIMIT the offer.

Because of that, question #8 comes with a link to Michel Fortin’s amazing article on scarcity.

8) How are you limiting the offer? (See

At this link the client will discover there are three ways to limit the offer. That’s through limiting the time, quantity or offer.

You can limit the time by giving a discounted price until a certain date.

You can limit the quantity by only selling so many of your product… or only letting so many in to your membership site… and so forth.

You can limit the offer by giving out special bonuses… special extras like free coaching or shipping… and so forth.

Michel has said procrastination is the biggest killer of sales. And that’s why having a legitimate REASON WHY the customer must act now to get the best deal is such a powerful tool for the copywriter.

In addition to Michel’s article, I created a product called “Digital Scarcity” that gives ideas for adding legitimate REASONs WHY the client must act now… even if you have an unlimited supply of your product (because it’s digital).

It’s important to brainstorm these “reason’s why.” Both for the initial launch and after that scarcity is over (for example, after the first 100 bonuses are given away).

You simply must limit the time, quantity or the offer to maximize your sales.

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