Muvar Tip: Using Bullets

Martin Russell recently asked me this question…

Is there a way (for Muvar to test) the type of bullet for the page and have all bullets show up with that one look?

It was partly in response to James Brausch’s post about Bullets. James noticed that putting bullets in front of many of his sentences improved response.

Martin wants to test what type of bullet would work the best. An arrow? A square graphic? Maybe just an asterick? And when he tests it, he wants ALL the bullets on the page to show up the same way.

There’s a way to do that. But first, I’m not sure if that’s the most accurate way to run a test.

I’m assuming Martin’s fear would be that the sales page would look ridiculous if Muvar chose the graphic for each bullet independently. And Martin wants some uniformity. I usually do the same thing, especially for things like subheads.

James might not agree with that. I’m really not sure, his scientific method is better than mine. But if you read the post you’ll notice he allowed his sales page to look somewhat ridiculous while Muvar discovered which sentences did better with a bullet in front of it and which didn’t.

So allowing each bullet to be independently chosen may be the most accurate solution.

That said, there is a way to add uniformity while using Muvar. It’s done through creating variables for CSS style sheets in your Muvar Template. The style sheets will set the formatting for the entire page. That’s how I’m able to keep the same color for subheads (H2 tags) and other variables when using Muvar.

To add uniformity to bullets, just set the style for the (ul) tag. And then use the (ul) and (li) tags to create bullets. Here’s how it’s done…

Warning: Because I’m trying to demonstrate how to use HTML in this post, I’ve changed the >’s to )’s and <‘s to (‘s. You’ll need to change them back in order to use the code.

You’d add this code to your HTML page in the “Head” section:

(style type=”text/css”)
UL {list-style-image: url(bullet.gif)}

Of course, the ‘bullet.gif’ will need to be changed to whatever the name of your bullet is.

This is the variable that you change to make different bullets. You can make several different versions of this variable with bullet1.gif, bullet2.gif, etc.

(And remember, it has to go in the “head” section of your page. So you have to consider that when making your Muvar Template.)

Then when it’s time to add bullets to your sales page, you add them like this…






And that gives you this result…

That’s all there is to it.

Now, what do you think? Do you think it’s better to have uniform bullets? …Or do you think Muvar should figure out the appropriate graphic for each bullet?

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