Matt Bacak Called Me Last Night

I got a call on my cell phone last night from Matt Bacack. I’ll tell you why in a minute. But first a lesson about blogging…

…If you want to receive a ton of comments to your next blog post, make your post controversial.

Michel Fortin chimed in on the Forced Continuity ‘controversy’ yesterday and so far has received 52 comments. If you count all the comments he’s deleted for being profane, I bet it’d be double or triple that.

There were a lot of comments posted and many of them seemed to be made by whining, complaining forum junkie types. You know, the kind who don’t make any money.

There were some critics of high regard, but not many.

Here’s the scoop on the ‘controversy’:

Matt Bacak recently released a highly touted product for $1. Purchasing it meant you were also automatically enrolled in to a $30/month program. It’s a common business practice.

Ever heard of “Video Professor?” That’s their model.

It’s also the model for “Girls Gone Wild.” (Believe it or not, I don’t know that from experience.)

Some people who didn’t spot that they would be charged $30 a month were upset. Even though they agreed to it. And even though they had a month to cancel without ever being charged.

The real kicker is, these people who whine and complain about a forced continuity program don’t seem to realize that if it weren’t for this program… you wouldn’t be able to get so much awesome content for $1!

Checking out the continuity program is part of the price. It doesn’t cost cash. It takes a bit of time to check out what’s being offered, and then cancel if you don’t want to continue receiving it. If you don’t like it, you’re never charged.

That’s a great deal in my book. I’d pay $1 for a free issue of Matt’s newsletter any day of the week.

I saw him speak in Dallas once at Ryan Deiss’ seminar. He was one of the top speakers and I found his content to be fantastic. I look forward to the newsletter and I’m pretty confident I’ll continue to pay the $30/month.

Granted, some people thought Matt hadn’t made it clear enough in the sales letter that there was a continuity offer. I can’t speak to this, because it was very clear to me when I purchased. In any case, Matt got feedback that it wasn’t clear enough and immediately changed it.

I’ve also heard his customer service team is doing very well handling whiny customers. And I believe it.

After I commented on Michel’s post telling people to cool off in my own subtle way (seriously), I got a voicemail from Matt personally thanking me. That’s someone who cares!

Don’t think that I’m in Matt’s “inner-circle” and he picked up the phone to call a friend. I saw him speak, I said ‘Hi,’ and that was the end of it.

He simply looked up my number (from his happy customer list) and gave me a call. I look forward to purchasing from him again.

And I recommend that you pick up his $1/continuity offer if you haven’t already: Matt-Bacak-Retires

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