How To Stop Them From Skimming

Many visitors will skim through your copy without reading all of it. In fact, most probably won’t read every word. Some readers will skim most every section and STILL buy. But skimming points to one thing… that your reader may be getting ready to leave.

Here are 3 methods for latching them back into the copy…

(1) Short paragraphs… Short Sentences… Simple words. If your copy looks intimidating, with 10-20 line paragraphs… it’s not going to encourage anyone to start reading. It looks like too much of a task! Keep those paragraphs to 5 lines or less as a general rule. Vary that sentence structure and always use the simplest word possible (unless you have a good reason for doing otherwise).

(2) Compelling Subheads… Subheads are the most common way to “Shout Out” at readers while they’re skimming. You probably already use them. But it’s time to think of them for this purpose as well.

I like using subheads that start with, “Here’s How…” If the reader is waiting for you to get to the point about how to “Make $500 A Day Stuffing Envelopes,” you can create a subhead that says “Here’s How I Finally Cracked The System…” That’s the perfect place for them to rejoin you.

You might also use subheads that shock them or make them curious, “On December 14th, I almost died!” Or start with a number to let them know exactly what is in the next paragraph, “16 Reasons Why You’ll Lose If You Don’t Act Now…”

(3) Johnson Boxes… A Johnson box is a great way to pick something out of the copy and let the reader know, “Hey! This is important!” If you need to teach the reader something in order for them to understand the product, this is a good spot. A case study works great here. So do testimonials. You might even try an even more personal note to the reader inside of a Johnson Box… something like, “Stephen, I just wanted you to know that…”

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