Copywriting Technique: Blow It Up!

Recently I’ve been doing a ton of critiques of sales copy. During these critiques I use Camtasia to record myself discussing the copy and offering the client advice. While doing this, I’m using notes but often just say whatever comes to mind. This has led to a new term that I like…

“Blow It Up.”

Many times I would find very strong sales arguments that were likely missed by the reader. Why? Because they were written in small, regular type buried in large paragraphs and only mentioned once… often taking up 12 words or less.

While trying to explain how to fix this situation, I stammered for a few seconds looking for the right word. And finally just said…

“You need to blow this up. It needs to be huge.”

Instead of burying key sales points in one short sentence. Elaborate. Say it in 3-4 paragraphs and consider announcing the point in a giant, centered subhead. This will effectively BLOW UP a sales argument that is needed to make the sale, but is invisible to many of your readers.

Some sales arguments that often need to be blown up are…

Proof Elements (If you’re a doctor, say so!)
Value Builders
Scarcity (limiting the offer, like only 50 copies left!)
Uniqueness (What do you have the competition doesn’t?)

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