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My Sister Got Married

Rebecca Dean, aka Miss Copy, got married in December. She just posted about it at her blog. Please congratulate her and feel free to check out her wedding photos.

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I Just Added You To My RSS Reader.

The other day I asked you to leave a comment if you had a blog. 15 of you said you did. Awesome! I use Google Reader as my RSS feed. I recently deleted all of my rss subscriptions because there were simply too many! But now I’ve started over. I’ve added all 15 of you […]


Dear Barack Obama, From I Don’t Give A Damn…

Dear Barack, I got up earlier than usual yesterday to meet at a friends house to watch your inauguration. The party looked great. Your family was beautiful. I’m convinced it was Roberts’ fault for messing up the oath, but that’s quickly forgotten. It was a pretty big day for you, and an even bigger day […]


Forget The Recession!

Hmmm… I’m assuming you just read the title of this post. I wrote it, but I didn’t mean it. I’ve heard comments like “forget the recession” or “ignore the recession” lately. And I think I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t relate. I feel like I’m coming from a completely different position. Am […]

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Another Introduction: Sarah Johnson

I’ve got another sister who’s checking out the copywriting field. She just got her blog setup and made her first post. Check it out and maybe leave her a comment?

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Eve

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Going Mobile

I’m making some more switches to my business to make it more mobile. Coinciding with the death of my laptop, I’ve decided to make an extra effort to make all of my business files accessible from the web. And preferably in more than one place. This way if my laptop suddenly shuts down on me, is […]

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Life Changing Albums

I’m a big music fan, but sometimes I’m a little behind the times. Seth Godin recently posted about stumbling across a collection of albums he had never heard of before… and decided that even though he was an avid album collector, it just wasn’t worth his time to try any of them out. It’d cost much more […]

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Positive Thinking Is Worth Less…

I never thought I’d be making this post. I credit my attitude with much of my success. When people told me I had to go to college to make sure I got a good job, I laughed. When people told me I’d never make money working online, I pressed on. Now I’ve worked 4 years […]

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