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Got Money?: Funding Options for Small Businesses

Small businesses have become America’s ventilator, pumping life into the economy by generating 64% of net new jobs over the past 15 years, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. As a result, it seems like the whole nation is chanting, “Long live the small business,” showing their faith by generously funding entrepreneurs. Here, we’ve […]

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The Best Copywriter Catch 22

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Best Launch Copywriter Reveals His Secret

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Have you seen this?

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How To Make Money Online

Is it all complete BS? Can people really make money online working from home? A lot of money? or just small spending cash? I started attempting to make money online sometime around 1995-’96. I was 13 or 14. I didn’t make a dime until I was 17. I did it by taking my hobby (magic […]

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We’re Moving To

I’m changing my domain name for this blog. You can find new posts here: I decided wasn’t the best domain for my business. My name (Stephen) is kind of hard to spell. Many people spell it wrong. And it’s spelled differently than it sounds.

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Change Of Rules, Links “Do-Follow” After You Make 5 Comments

A few days back I told you how to increase traffic to your website using my blog. The 4 point plan was to exchange links with me, comment on my posts, link from a post of yours to mine and to follow me on Twitter. Many of you did these things and I greatly appreciate […]

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The Formula For Failure

One thing I make an effort to do is to collect failure secrets. Because if you know how to fail you know how not to fail. Justin Brooke just wrote a great blog post called “The Formula For Failure.” It shares several failure secrets. Check it out!

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Sales Letters That DONT Work.

My brother has a great lesson for you on sales letters that DONT work. He just got a new golden retriever puppy. Talk about cute. Growing up our golden retriever once had 13 puppies that we got to watch grow up. Watching them walk out of the dog house one by one, single file and […]

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New Blog Theme At

Hi guys and gals. I’ve been quietly piecing together a new wordpress theme in between copy projects this week. It’s based on Versatility Lite. What does everyone think? Please leave a comment.

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