A Comment On Teen Internet Marketer

When did you start your business?

There’s a guy at http://teeninternetmarketer.blogspot.com who’s working to get his business profitable at 16. That’s about the same age I got started. (10 years later…)

I saw he made a blog post about GTD, or “Getting Things Done.”

I decided to share some tips with him that took me years and years to learn. If only someone would have shared this with me back then…

Hey Montie.

One thing that’ll help you to GTD is to limit the hours in which you allow yourself to work on your IM biz.

I don’t know your schedule, but if you’re working after school you could give yourself between 3-6 to get your work done.

That means you don’t start before 3, and you don’t work after 6. Period.

If you have 4 hours of work to get done in that time… you don’t have time to procrastinate. You don’t have time to tell yourself GTD. You just have to GO.

And some people think that when you limit the time in which you have to work, you actually get more done.

“Diego Norte” describes it well in this post at the Warrior Forum: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/28621-spending-less-time-online-earn-more-how-i-move-onto-4-hours-work-week.html#post256366

As for music, I couldn’t work to Lil’ Wayne either. I usually listen to slower music… like a mix I would listen to if I were going to sleep.

Songs like “Mad World” by Michael Andrews, “Whistle For The Choir” by The Fratelli’s, or “Pieces” by Sum 41.

And even then I’ll also just listen to the same song on repeat because that tends to keep me less distracted but happy.

I also listen to Beethoven or Mozart every now and then. Ever use Pandora.com? Just type Beethoven in there and you’re set.

Limiting the hours I work is very important to my productivity.

It used to be that I’d dilly dally doing small tasks around the house and online until finally I’d get around to working late in the day. Which resulted in an unproductive day.

Now I set a time range before the day starts. Usually from about 10-6pm. And those hours don’t move.

It’s not about limiting myself to 8 hours, it’s about having a set deadline when I must be finished. That way I don’t have time to procrastinate, I must get started now to get my work done before the deadline.

And it’s important to stick to these hours. Sometimes I really have the urge to work at 10pm. But I DON’T. It’s not within my time frame.

Instead I transfer that energy in to being excited to start working in the morning.

It works. Try it. Best productivity technique I’ve ever used.

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