3 Quick Rules For Writing A PS

I’ve done countless copy critiques in the last several months. One thing I always seem to need to address (besides scarcity) is the “PS” section.

Many times it seems like people just go through the motions because they see everyone else uses a PS. So they get to the end of the letter and say something like…

P.S. My product is valuable, buy now.

P.P.S. You have nothing to lose, so buy now!

But that’s a waste of space. I’ll go into writing the “PS” section more in the future. But here are 3 quick rules to make PS’s more valuable starting today.

1. Michel Fortin shared with me that you should use 1 PS, or 3PS’s… and never 2 PS’s. Michel’s tests showed 2 PS’s almost always convert the worst.

2. Treat PS’s as valuable real estate and put your best selling arguments here. Restate the main benefit of your product, the guarantee, the scarcity, recent news that supports your sales arguments, and/or even a true PS (as in a valuable sales argument you didn’t share in the rest of the copy).

3. If you use 3 PS’s, put your most powerful argument (usually your scarcity) in the 2nd PS and include an order link.

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